The More You Think, The Less You Live!

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.  — Franklin Roosevelt

Dig within. Within is the wellspring of good, and it is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig.  — Marcus Aurelius

Bubbling With Creativity

You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” This is what Mr Albert Einstein is supposed to have said when he was walking on this planet. I can’t testify that he did, since I was not there when he said it. But that is besides the point.

No person with any sense of common sense will ever complicate his life by thinking too much, although it is a disease that is spreading very fast along with the spread of the extent of cyberspace and digital living style. People want to be thinking all the time, as if non-thinking is somehow devaluation of life. As a person who relishes the peace and tranquility of the thought-free mind, I can certify that such people will never enjoy peace, contentment and inner joy; the harder they will think the farther they will get from these blissful and healing mental states. In fact, their life is dictated by their fear of boredom.

In today’s digital world, we all live in the self created “comfort zone” defined by the way we think and believe (or want to believe) — I hate waking up in the morning, I love weekends, I hate my wife except when she is quiet, my boss always rejects my suggestions so I don’t open my mouth at work, I know I am getting addicted to chocolates but can’t stop, and all such babbling. The comfort zone is nothing but a cocoon of make believe world. It is a world without challenge – I prefer to call it a life of a “frog in the well.” Sorry, but no offense meant.

Our thinking is so highly ossified that there is hardly any room left for any new or fresh thinking. All windows to fresh ideas are closed. We either love something or hate something. What we love to stay with doesn’t stay for long; and what we hate doesn’t disappear. Either way, we are left feeling frustrated and unhappy. This is the usual dilemma of life.

True creativity shows when the mind is at peace and we connect with our inner self. When we are relaxed and there is no anxiety or push or pull of outside influence the mind reveals its true nature. Then ideas flow like a song and we feel absolute harmony with everything around us. We are spontaneously expressive in benevolent ways and creativity is effortless. Many call it “living in the zone.” Those who have tasted it long for it at any cost and those who have never “lived in the zone” have missed something vital in life.

When you are living as a whole – integrated fully – you are living like a true human living, you have a deeply satisfying life and are living in complete harmony with everything around you. Such an exalted lifestyle demands a mind free of fears and phobias as well as emotional conflicts and ego problems, a mind where the two brain hemispheres are working as an integrated whole and a mind that knows no prejudice, preference or addiction. Such a person can claim to have a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Unfortunately, ignorance is so widespread in the world about our own true nature that we have accepted as normal what is not normal. And by the same logic we feel strange when somehow we get connected to our real inner-self and transcend the plane of mundane living. This is the irony of living in the so called “developed” societies where everything non-material reminds one of the primitive civilization of the stone-age.

A life led unconnected to our inner core is life wasted. It is a life without self-expression, a life of a dead, and a life without meaning. It can’t show any creativity except in generating “stress and anxieties.” Sounds familiar, I guess.

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