You Can’t Meditate Without Awareness

Blossoming Consciousness

Awareness is the basis of all meditations. In the field of meditation awareness or consciousness is the starting point. When we are doing things habitually we are normally not aware; we just act mechanically. But when we sit down to meditate we need to be continuously aware of what we are doing.

Awareness is being attentive to the present moment; it involves alertness and mindfulness. If you are trying to concentrate on your meditation object, say breathing, you direct all your awareness to it. Mind has a tendency to think and analyse if left to its own. But if awareness is present, these tendencies don’t manifest and you can be better focused.

While meditating you will discover that the moment you lose mindfulness, the mind wonders away. So skillful meditators try intensifying their mindfulness as a way to sustain concentration. So your faculty of awareness has an immediate benefit in improving concentration.

The training of being mindful has another interesting aspect to it. It trains you to live in the present moment; it shifts your focus from doing to being. It increases your awareness of the present situation and you tend to live your life more fully. It significantly reduces the mental tendencies of obsessively worrying about future or ruminating over some past events. This gives a wonderful art of living.

Self-awareness is a wonderful tool for self improvement. If you are aware of something you are trying to change, your chances of success are greatly improved. Awareness brings the issue into open and you can deal with it by changing your habitual response. Of course, awareness alone may not be sufficient to solve the problem, but having it is an important pre-requisite.


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