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Brain Wave Technology – A Cool Way to De stress Yourself

Brainwave technology offers a great way to alter brainwave pattern and get into the mental state that you want. It is effortless, simple and does not require going anywhere or learning some skill. For many busy people, it is providing tremendous help in keeping them relaxed and stress-free. Continue reading

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Brain Hemisphere Synchronization

Brain hemisphere synchronization means integrated functioning of the two hemispheres in unison. When the brain works as a whole, its optimum capacity is utilized and you feel happier. Continue reading

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Brainwave Technology — 3 common modes of entrainment

There are three common modes of brainwave entrainment: Monoaural, binaural, and isochronic. Most effective entrainment is offered by isochronic tones and is the popular choice. Continue reading

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The Language Of Brainwaves

Brainwaves are the vocabulary of the mind. Every mental state has a distinct brainwave pattern. Brainwave technology offers a convenient way to change brainwave patterns and create any desired mental state. Continue reading

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One-Breath Meditation – Focus On One Breath At A Time

Unfortunately, meditation has needlessly been made to look like a complicated activity that only a gifted few can undertake. Nothing can be far from the truth. In fact, it is a simple and straightforward activity provided you understand what you … Continue reading

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Meditation on Breathing

Meditation is a journey from gross to subtle. Here the words “gross” and “subtle” relate to your sense of perception. You would like to be able to perceive subtler realities as you advance in your practice. You can be mindful … Continue reading

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