Binaural Beat Audios – Great Stress Reliever

Stress is Unavoidable

Do you constantly feel fatigued, low and depressed, or can’t sleep? Are you  constantly restless, can’t seem to put together your acts properly, or feel that you are barely in control of your life? Chances are high that you are over-stressed and are leading a pressure-cooker life. When this situation persists, it leads to poor performance, disturbed metabolism, hormonal imbalances, low self-esteem, and a sense of severe dissatisfaction.

Your brain talks to you through the brainwaves, reflecting its current status. If you can find a handle to control the brain waves, you will be able to change your emotional and mental state. Yes, brainwave entrainment through binaural beats is the handle you are looking for. But first, let us distinguish the brainwaves for stress and relaxation.

Stressed Out – High Beta Brainwaves

Beta brain waves (13 – 40 Hz) accompany your normal activities during the day. All your normal outdoor activities and interactions with others take place in the beta state. However, at high beta frequencies (above 30 Hz) you are in mental states associated with anxiety, unease, and stress. At still higher frequencies, you will find it difficult to think and focus clearly and you are likely to make bad decisions.

At higher frequencies the brain cells and neurons begin to fire wildly and chaotically, leading to a highly disorganized and unfocused state of mind. If the brain wave frequencies go up any further, you are running the risk of nervous breakdown. This is how stress can “burn-out” people alive!

Feeling Relaxed – Alpha Brainwave

Calm and Peaceful

Alpha waves vibrate in the range, 7 – 13 Hz and arise from the white matter of your brain. These are present when you are alert and relaxed, and not actively thinking. These waves are mentally integrative and are related to the highly desirable experience of “whole brain thinking”. You can deliberately boost alpha waves by closing your eyes or deep breathing.

At lower brain wave frequencies both sides of the brain start to work in sync and communicate better with each other. The neurons and the brain cells begin to operate harmoniously in a coordinated manner. When this happens, you feel a sense of calm; the situation appears more manageable and you begin to feel in control. So, you need to slow down the brainwaves, to energize yourself. It is easily possible with brain wave entrainment technology.

Binaural Brainwave Entrainment

Binaural beats can be used to induce any desired state of the consciousness by altering the brainwaves. The way they work is odd – they are created in the brain rather than the ears. When two slightly different (within 30 Hz) sounds frequencies are played into the ears using stereo headphones, the brain perceives a beat at a frequency equal to the difference in the two frequencies.

Soon the dominating brainwave pattern shifts to match the induced frequency through what is called a frequency following response. This is brainwave entrainment. Once the brain is entrained it will follow if the beat frequency is adjusted. This is the handle we had been looking for.

Now by simply changing the binaural beat frequency any desired state of consciousness can be induced. For the purpose of relaxation, entrainment would be done in alpha frequency range, 7 – 13 Hz – the lower the frequency the better is the relaxation. A half hour session can almost totally de-stress you. And regular listening to binaural entrainment music is a great way to rejuvenate practically effortlessly.

So, don’t allow stress and anxieties to eat away your life; entrain your brain to alpha frequencies.

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