Protect and Reclaim Yourself Through Meditation

Reclaim Yourself

Negative emotions rule the current world. A person who wants to lead a positive life has to first learn to protect himself from the negative onslaught of people, media, society, and government bureaucracy. It is rare to find positive people who are not oppressed by the negative vibrations.

Taken collectively, the global consciousness is fast spiraling downwards. It is causing a decay everywhere – moral degradation in society, environmental damage at global level, multiplying morbid hatred (so strong that there are people who kill themselves to kill others). Those who are affluent and have power just cannot stop being greedier. There is every indication that we are nearing another end of the world cycle.

It is in this context that we need to learn to protect ourselves and maintain positive mental attitude. If our efforts weaken, we are going to be dragged down by the gravity of negative people around us. The TRP bound media and visionless leaders are unconsciously or unintentionally fueling the negative energy, constantly peddling the dynamo, round and round and round.

It’s a reactive situation, but wisdom demands restraint, and not reaction. So, we need to draw energy from our inner world through meditation and stay positively charged. Keep awareness that economic, social, or environmental upheavals are mere manifestation of a rotting world order. Be very clear that you are not part of the negative system. Without being reactive, simply stay connected to the positive frame of mind.

Therefore, meditate, meditate, and meditate.


About Goodpal

I am a firm believer in healthy people (mind and body both), healthy societies and healthy environment. Please feel free to comment, share and broadcast your views -- I like rational and intellectual discussions. Thanks for stopping by. Have a Good Day!
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