Non Directive Meditation Techniques Provide Better Relaxation

Mere Observation, Bare Observation

As we have said earlier that there are two types of meditation: One, where you try concentrating on a particular object – a thought, mantra, visual form, etc. The other is where you just observe and do nothing – you don’t try controlling or concentrating on any thing; you merely observe thoughts crossing the mind without reaction.

Several studies indicate better relaxation and stress management by meditation techniques where you refrain from trying to control the content of the mind.

“These methods are often described as nondirective, because practitioners do not actively pursue a particular experience or state of mind. They cultivate the ability to tolerate the spontaneous wandering of the mind without getting too much involved. Instead of concentrating on getting away from stressful thought and emotions, you simple let them pass in an effortless way.”

Read the complete article: Brain Waves and Meditation


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