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Feeling Stuck? You need to break the Mental Barriers Holding you Back

Mental obstacles reside in the subconscious mind. They can be effectively busted through hypnosis which is a simple way to realize our true potential. Continue reading

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Inspiration and Motivation in Life is a great site full of inspiration and motivation. Continue reading

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How to Use Brainwave Entrainment Effectively

Brainwave entrainment can help you increase intelligence, relieve stress, meditate easily, increase concentration and memory, and much more. The only way to get these benefits is to experience the entrainment yourself in a systematic way. Continue reading

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10 Quotes for a Meditative Mind!

Meditation is meant to purify the mind. But often it is difficult to meditate for various reasons. However, keeping good thoughts in mind during the day is also helpful. The quotes presented here valuable for keen meditators. Continue reading

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Boredom: A Good Guy with Bad Name!

Boredom has received too much bad publicity despite being a springboard of creativity and novelty. Today, boredom is more of a fault of the modern lifestyle than a personal weakness. Read what wise people say about boredom. Continue reading

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10 Quotes for a Wonderful Day!

People have different ideas about life. While I am still trying to figure out the sense or senselessness of life, I am presenting some words from people who are “wise”. Hope their wisdom will help you decipher the cross-word puzzle of your life to some extent. Continue reading

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Stress Management: “Fight or Flight” vs “Tend and Befriend” Stress Response

When stressed, women tend to nurture and men to withdraw. This gender bias towards stress management goes in favor of women whose preferred stress coping strategy is “tend and befriend” as opposed to “fight or flight” which appears rather primitive in contemporary society. Continue reading

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