Meditation is Rejuvenator: The Best Mental Tonic

World is Too Negative

Peace and Harmony

Negative emotions rule the current world; in fact, negative vibrations are slowly engulfing the world. A person who wants to lead a positive life has to first learn to protect himself from the negative onslaught of people, media, society, and government bureaucracy. Unfortunately, in the current world order you will have to learn to live with it; there is no other option. Taken collectively, the global consciousness is fast spiraling downwards. It is causing a decay everywhere – moral degradation in society, environmental damage everywhere, multiplication of morbid hatred (so strong that there are people who kill themselves to kill others – called suicide bombers). Greed and hatred appear to be the ruling emotions of the world.

But, does it mean that there is no place for goodness and it is useless being a good person? The question is: how can anyone remain good when there is constant bombardment of negative energy from every direction?

Tap the Power of Meditation

It is here meditation can come to your rescue and help you tap the reservoir of energy that exists inside you. So, you need to draw energy from your inner world through meditation and stay positively charged. At the same time, be aware that economic, social, or environmental upheavals are mere manifestation of a rotting world order. Be very clear that you are not part of the negative system. If you are standing in a garbage yard, you don’t become garbage! This is the realization you need to keep in mind all the time and keep reinforcing it as often as possible. It will help you stay connected to the positive frame of mind and reduce the impulse to react to negativity.

Meditation is the tool that can help you stay positive. It is a process that connects you with yourself – Yoga, a real union. You get weak when you are disconnected from your inner self. This is the real problem. You did not create this world, nor its nasty people, and nor yourself; so why act like a manager of the universe? This is another mental problem, not just you but, we are all afflicted with. You are just a guest on this planet for a couple of decades, so why not be a good and responsible guest while you are here.

Practical Steps to Balance Your Life


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I am a firm believer in healthy people (mind and body both), healthy societies and healthy environment. Please feel free to comment, share and broadcast your views -- I like rational and intellectual discussions. Thanks for stopping by. Have a Good Day!
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