How to Stay Relaxed – Students and Professionals

What is the most basic quality essential for success in students and professionals? Intelligence? Creativity? Being imaginative? Confidence?

Well, all these qualities are definitely useful and contribute to success. But they are by themselves not enough without the most basic attribute – the ability to stay relaxed and calm, particularly in trying conditions. Any one can perform when life is flowing like a song, what separates gritty people from others is the ability to maintain their poise and composure in demanding circumstances.

The ability to stay relaxed and think coolly in every situation should be the ideal for every student and professional. Stress eats away your intelligence, creativity, imagination, and confidence. While a mild degree of stress helps maintain focused on the task at hand, in excessive amounts it begins to deteriorate the quality of attentiveness.

Stress Disturbs the Inner Universe

Several things go into building stress in an individual but largely it is his reaction to the situation around him that decides the degree of stress. Any situation can have a wide spectrum of response from different people. When it comes to stress what distinguishes people among themselves is the ability to protect their inner universe. No two persons can have precisely the same set of attitudes, tendencies, and emotional framework. Therefore, people differ in their abilities to withstand and manage stress.

By nature stress hooks you to your negative emotions and promotes anxiety. It makes you apprehensive and fearful and provides thrust to negative mental chatter. Stress tends to disturb the inner equilibrium and shake the sense of personal control. The greater is the perception of loss of control, the greater is the physiological arousal triggering the fight-or-flight mechanism.

Acute stress means significantly high degree of arousal that translates into higher concentration of noradrenaline and cortisol in the blood stream. These chemicals don’t just lower your sense of emotional well being but also impede the immune system. It can precipitate health issues when stress becomes a constant companion.

With so much disturbance in your internal climate you certainly can’t concentrate on your work – studying, preparing a presentation or project report, analyzing data, or whatever else demanding your full attention. Stress constantly feeds the negative mental conversation that disturbs your natural ability to think straight and concentrate on the assignment at hand.

Being Relaxed means Being in Control

You are relaxed when you are in control of your inner world. Ability to maintain the inner poise is what is required if you want to harness your intelligence, creativity, and imagination. When the outside atmosphere begins to decide how you should be feeling, you are vulnerable. You will not be able to maintain your composure when the surrounding gets negative. So, it is important that you know skills to protect your internal world from what is happening outside.

In the long run, it is this ability to stay composed that separates really successful people from those who also succeeded. Therefore, in order to really succeed in career or life, learn to strengthen your grip on what goes on inside you and shield it from the situation outside you.

How to Relax without much Efforts

There are many ways to relax, such as yoga and meditation. Making them a part of daily routine is highly recommended because they lead to integration of the two halves of the brain. Meditation is particularly known to unify the full brain. You can also take help of brainwave audios which directly induce low frequency waves in your brain and make your task of relaxing much easier. Commonly half an hour session will help you shed most of the piled up stress and sleep better. When everything is assimilating technology, relaxation can’t be left alone. This is one of the best example of a technique that helps people really develop their minds, besides shedding stress. Find out how to use brainwave entrainment audios effectively.

So, please don’t allow all your intellect and skills to be used inefficiently just because you are not relaxed.

Have a Wonderful Day!


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