Mindfulness and Buddha

A layman once asked The Buddha:

“Are you a God?” “No” said The Buddha.
“Are you a saint?” “No” said The Buddha.
“Are you a magician?” “No” said The Buddha. said The Buddha.

“What are you then?” “I am awake

A Buddha is personification of true mindfulness. He is ever ensconced in the present moment with an unwavering mind. A mind that accepts nothing, rejects nothing. A mind that likes nothing, dislikes nothing. It is a mind filled with loving kindness for all being, all the time.

Mindfulness is essentially a three step prescription for healthy living:

  1. Being attentive to the present moment
  2. Developing the attitude of a witness – an unconcerned observer
  3. Willingness to let go every experience – no clinging to pleasant or running away from unpleasant feelings.

Understanding Mindfulness and How it Works


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I am a firm believer in healthy people (mind and body both), healthy societies and healthy environment. Please feel free to comment, share and broadcast your views -- I like rational and intellectual discussions. Thanks for stopping by. Have a Good Day!
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