Boredom: A Good Guy with Bad Name!

Why People Hate Boredom?

People in modern society can not stand three things: pain, bad dreams, and boredom. They will do anything and everything to avoid facing these situations; in fact, most people are almost obsessed to avoid even the slightest discomfort. No harm calling it a pain killer society. This is a direct result of having too much comfort around us; every new gadget makes life a little more comfortable. In the past decade, Internet and cell phones have drastically changed the lifestyle and reduced our mobility to the extent of paralysis, without being medically paralyzed of course. 

To some extent I can understand why people are afraid of pain – because it is painful – and why bad dreams are problem – because the nightmares can expose them to the tortures of hell and make people scream and run for life – but I never understood why an utterly innocent situation, called boredom, is considered so excruciating that someone had to coin the term “bored to death”. So I began questioning this notion that boredom is a harmful thing. I strongly suspect that it is another conspiracy of the society to give bad publicity to “boredom” just as it has successfully done to “pain” and “bad dreams”.


About Goodpal

I am a firm believer in healthy people (mind and body both), healthy societies and healthy environment. Please feel free to comment, share and broadcast your views -- I like rational and intellectual discussions. Thanks for stopping by. Have a Good Day!
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