10 Quotes for a Meditative Mind!

Meditation means Discipline

All meditations have one basic goal: purification of mind. A so called “normal” mind is habitually rolling in thoughts of passion, anger, ill-will, fear, and greed. It is like a fragile person who can’t stand on his own for a moment. Just see how long the mind stays on one thought and how fast it flickers from one topic to another – almost randomly.

The “normal” mind of an average person in the “modern” society is driven by only one motto: I-will-do-what-I-please. It is a mind that seeks only pleasures and thrills all the time. The moment you deny it this food it starts complaining of boredom and forces you to find something that will amuse it. This is how this “normal” mind dictates its terms and you happily obey its commands. And of course because you live in a democratic society, you are technically a “free” person – for your mind it translates into I-will-do-what-I-please.

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