Feeling Stuck? You need to break the Mental Barriers Holding you Back

We are all Prisoners!

prisoner sWe are all prisoners of mental barriers. People make noise about freedom and liberty and hardly ever do anything about their own mental imprisonment. Are we not prisoners of fears and phobias? Are we not prisoners of habits and tendencies? Are we not prisoners of hatred and animosity? Are we not prisoners of passion and attachments? Are we not prisoners of consumerism and greed? Certainly, we are all prisoners whether we believe it or not.

What if we are not confined within the walls of a State Prison, what if we have never been convicted by the court of law; we all live confined within the un-penetrable wall of ignorance. And yet we call ourselves “free”. But as long as we have compulsive or recidivistic tendencies, we cannot say that we are “free”. Can prisoners be ever happy?

Are We Happy Slaves?

happy slaveBut the hard fact is: no matter how “free” we claim to be, we have to find ways to dissolve these invisible walls of our mental jail. Prisoners can never realize their full potential; they can only be free within their confinements!

You realize that you are mentally “chained” when in the core of your heart you know that you are capable of doing something but in reality “something always holds you back”. What are holding you back are nothing but the mental barriers. They frequently leave you frustrated and force you to feel shame or inferior. For example, you may turn down a promotion at your job because you are scared of the responsibility. Or you don’t give 100 percent to any task because you are afraid of failure, and must have an escape route. The point is that these mental barriers (you can also call them distorted habits) are holding you back from a truly successful life. If you hope to reach your full potential, you need to demolish these mental barriers once and for all!

I know a human rights activist who has made a career lecturing people on “freedom and liberty,” he can really impress people with his forceful arguments, and yet he is utterly helpless when it comes to his own addiction to alcohol. Can he ever realize his fullest potential and enjoy true happiness and freedom inside? No, because he is badly constrained by his craving for alcohol. Lecturing others or impressing them through oratory is a rather trivial task, comparing with the fight one needs to fight within.

Will power is the most common tool people use to get past these blocks. But much sooner than later we run out of the will power and are back to square one, sometimes even before trying. How about studying and understanding them? Probably good for writing books and thesis but getting past (or over) barriers is altogether a different ball game.

How to Break Mental Barriers

Birds_fly_highSo, what is the remedy. The solution is allowing the mind to open up and release the dirt stored in the subconscious mind. It is a sort of mental cleaning. It can be done with the help of a tool like hypnosis. Yes, it is easy, simple, and effective at the same time. Of course, there are other methods like meditation etc depending upon inclination.

Your subconscious is the breeding ground for those dreaded mental barriers and is what you need to work on. When you are in a hypnotic state of mind it completely opens up your subconscious. It gives you the power to clear out all those nasty little cobwebs that dirty up your thinking. No matter what it is holding you back, you can have the power the push past it.

The future that you picture for yourself can be reached. It’s a long journey but it starts with a single step and that single step starts when you break your mental barriers.

In the hypnotic state, the person becomes highly suggestible and suitable suggestions can be given that weaken his existing limiting beliefs and help form newer and healthier behavior pattern. Many people find professionally designed Hypnosis Recordings to be helpful in overcoming their mental barrier in a rather short period.

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I am a firm believer in healthy people (mind and body both), healthy societies and healthy environment. Please feel free to comment, share and broadcast your views -- I like rational and intellectual discussions. Thanks for stopping by. Have a Good Day!
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  1. Jason says:

    Hi- just hafta put one foot in front of the other like harmony!

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