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Self Pity: 5 Steps to Come Out of Victim Mindset

Self pity is a cocktail of victim’s mindset, pessimism, fear, and insecurity. Even the strongest person cannot remain immune to it, but weaker souls are easily possessed by this demon. Five steps will show an outline of how to come out of the nasty trap of self- condemnation and live like a free man. Continue reading

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Do You have a Balanced Life?

A balanced mind is a great asset. Without a balanced life you can’t have a balanced mind and vice versa. Read these helpful tips. Continue reading

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Why We Don’t Feel Happy and Satisfied

Happiness is the driving force of every human action – whether right or wrong. People work hard and pile up tons of stress, accumulate wealth and technological gadgets, use or abuse drugs, become suicide bombers, invade other countries, starve to get slim, become recluse to meditate, eat loads of junk food, spend hours on twitter or facebook, fall freely from the space to set some world record – what for? Just to be happy! Yet real happiness remains miles away. Why? This is the basic quest of this article. Continue reading

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Integrating the Brain with Meditation

Meditation is a great tool to unify all the parts of the brain. When the brain functions as a whole, it is altogether a different entity. Continue reading

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What to do When You are Feeling Empty and Useless?

Kindness is a virtue when directed towards others, heals us inside. Helping Others is a good way to Help Yourself. Continue reading

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The Illusion of Perception: Do We Create Our Own Reality?

The reality we perceive is distorted by our past experience. So people draw different meaning of same incidence. Hypnosis can bring about healthy change and expand awareness. Continue reading

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How to Learn Mindfulness Effectively

Mindfulness is a wonderful technique for day to day living. It builds up an attitude of detachment that is very empowering. It brings balance in the mind, we all badly need. Continue reading

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