How to Use Hypnosis Recordings Effectively

hypnosis imageLike all other self help aids, how effective the hypnosis audios will prove to be depends on you; on how well prepared you are. The only preparation needed s to make your mind receptive for the hypnotic experience. In order to get the best possible experience, here are a few useful tips.

The first and the foremost preparation is to get rid of faulty ideas and misconceptions about hypnosis. For that purpose careful reading of Most common myths about hypnosis will sure help. Being well and accurately informed is the most basic ground work to have the most useful hypnotic experience.

Your willingness to get hypnotized is the next very important mental preparation. Remember, you need to let go of any resistance or fear about the hypnotic experience. Convince yourself that you won’t get stuck in hypnosis. All you have to do is to allow yourself to be relaxed and be attentive towards the suggestions. There is nothing that can hurt in the slightest way; you are only going to be healed.

Before starting the session ensure that you are not in a hurry, there are no distractions of TV or other noises and you are comfortable. Coming in right after meals is a bad idea; also ensure that you are not thirsty or hungry. Use the restroom before you start. If you still under hangover of last night’s drinks or had several cups of coffee, it is better to postpone the session. You cannot have a profound or meaningful experience, if you are under influence of any substance that affects your consciousness.

Your body and your mind are inseparable. If your body relaxes, your mind will relax. In fact, in order to relax your body, you have to relax your mind! Take some time to relax your mind and body before you start, and you will be able to go that much deeper when you start.

If it is the first time it is natural to be somewhat apprehensive and confused. The best way to go about having an effective session is to have a neutral mind, so expect nothing. When you start with a open-minded, expecting a positive outcome, then it is far more likely that it will. Another important point is to keep your goal in mind. Goal is personal change; so don’t pay undue attention to the hypnosis experience itself. Let the change come naturally; hypnotism won’t work in some particular manner as you want it to be.

Another big hurdle is to try very hard. Many people try to think their way through it. They spend the whole time wondering if they are doing it correctly. They get busy analyzing what they are doing, evaluating if they should be thinking or doing something else. Unfortunately, they are so busy thinking that they don’t really get to experience much.

Hypnosis doesn’t require effort, any more than breathing does. You can try to breathe, but when you stop trying, it happens on its own, naturally. All you need to do is to let go of any effort on your part. Clear your mind and if you like focus on your breathing, to the exclusion of all else. Rather than struggling with thoughts, let them be there and just focus on breathing.

Try to be mere a dispassionate witness of whatever is happening without holding on to any experience, sensations or thoughts. Instead of becoming fascinated by them let them come and go.

Another key element of successful hypnosis is trust. Trust yourself and trust the process; knowing that hypnosis has transformed people everywhere, it will transform you also.

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