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Integrating the Brain with Meditation

Meditation is a great tool to unify all the parts of the brain. When the brain functions as a whole, it is altogether a different entity. Continue reading

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How to Learn Mindfulness Effectively

Mindfulness is a wonderful technique for day to day living. It builds up an attitude of detachment that is very empowering. It brings balance in the mind, we all badly need. Continue reading

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Meditation: Living in the Land of No Thoughts

Meditation is the tool to reduce the traffic of thoughts crossing the mind. The way to go about it is to develop non-identification and detachment – in fact, these two qualities also sum up the practice of meditation Continue reading

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What to Do with the Mental Radio in Meditation

Mental talk is always a problem in meditation. Quite often the mental broadcast does not appear to stop, creating annoyance. You need to learn how to handle the mental chatter in a proper way. Continue reading

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Meditation – How to Deal with Thoughts

Thoughts are the primary distracters in meditation. You have to meditate despite their presence – this is the truth. Success in meditation depends on how skillful you are in dealing with thoughts. Thoughts are also the reason why most people give up meditation much sooner than later. Continue reading

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10 Quotes for a Meditative Mind!

Meditation is meant to purify the mind. But often it is difficult to meditate for various reasons. However, keeping good thoughts in mind during the day is also helpful. The quotes presented here valuable for keen meditators. Continue reading

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Mindfulness and Buddha

Mindfulness is Buddha’s prescription for healthy living. It is the foundation of all meditation practices. Continue reading

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