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Why We Don’t Feel Happy and Satisfied

Happiness is the driving force of every human action – whether right or wrong. People work hard and pile up tons of stress, accumulate wealth and technological gadgets, use or abuse drugs, become suicide bombers, invade other countries, starve to get slim, become recluse to meditate, eat loads of junk food, spend hours on twitter or facebook, fall freely from the space to set some world record – what for? Just to be happy! Yet real happiness remains miles away. Why? This is the basic quest of this article. Continue reading

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What to do When You are Feeling Empty and Useless?

Kindness is a virtue when directed towards others, heals us inside. Helping Others is a good way to Help Yourself. Continue reading

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Lessons from Chess: How to Survive the Rock Bottom of Life

The game of chess can teach a lot about life. Although it is played on 64 squares and is purely intellectual game, it has many lessons for human life. Both life and chess can send you on a roller coaster ride and put you face to face with nightmares. Continue reading

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A Four-Step Formula to Boost Your Brain Fitness

Most people take good care of their body, but don’t know much about brain fitness. A four step formula is suggested the brain good shape and lead a happier life Continue reading

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Inspiration and Motivation in Life is a great site full of inspiration and motivation. Continue reading

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