Awareness And Dreams: Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

Dreams are not real but they are a reality. We lose connection with ourselves while asleep. That is roughly one-third of life — so a man of 30 has wasted 10 years sleeping — and doing nothing! Yet, the same man would try to make himself very productive by learning time management skills. But what about the time management and utilizing the sleep time beneficially?

What are the benefits of lucid dreaming
Yes, you can gain a lot by learning to be aware while dreaming. The  awareness (in dream) that you are dreaming is called lucid dreaming. You can use this skill to get rid of troublesome issues of your personal life like fears, phobias, and negative complexes. People have used lucid dreams to eliminate recurring nightmares.
The presence of awareness that this is just a dream, empowers you to alter your response to dream characters and situations. So you can choose not to be a victim. The art of lucid dreaming can also be used for a variety of other  purposes. For example, lucid dreaming can be used to overcome fears, enhancing personal skills and abilities, developing creativity, etc.

How to have lucid dreams
There are many ways to generate dream awareness and take advantage of lucid dreaming to fulfill your aim. Many people practice meditation to become more self aware but it take a longer time. For an case history and a quick list of different technique read how I managed to kill a nasty nightmare by myself. Those who want to attain dream lucidity quickly then listening to binaural beats is the way to go.
Binaural Beats directly work with your brainwaves to generate the desired state of consciousness. By varying the beat frequency you can take the brain to the theta wave region of 4 – 7 Hz, which is associated with dreams. Hence, you are directly working with the desired state of the subconscious mind. They also synchronize functioning of the left and the right hemispheres of the brain, which is highly rewarding.

You can use binaural beats for relaxations, deep level of sleep, and lucid dreaming. You should try free brainwave audio samples before considering them for lucid dreaming or other applications.


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